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Nate Acosta

Pricing Guide

"A real EPIC wedding experience!"


Nate Acosta is a renowned award winning wedding DJ based in Dallas, Texas. With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Nate has established himself as the most sought-after wedding DJ in the Dallas area.

Nate's passion for music started at a young age, and he honed his craft by playing at local clubs and parties. As he gained more experience, Nate began to specialize in providing music for weddings, where he discovered his true calling. He understands the importance of creating the perfect atmosphere for a wedding, and he has an innate ability to read the crowd and play the right songs to keep everyone on the dance floor.

Nate's talent and professionalism have earned him a reputation as the go-to wedding DJ in Dallas. He has worked with some of the most prestigious venues and event planners in the city, and his clients include some of the most discerning couples in the area. Nate is known for his attention to detail, his ability to create customized playlists that reflect the couple's tastes, and his expertise in sound and lighting.

Nate's success as a wedding DJ is due in part to his commitment to staying current with the latest music trends and equipment. He is constantly updating his music library, and he invests in high-quality sound and lighting equipment to ensure that his clients have the best possible experience on their special day.

Nate's passion for music, combined with his professionalism and expertise, make him the most sought-after wedding DJ in Dallas. Whether you're planning a small, intimate wedding or a large, extravagant event, Nate has the skills and experience to make your day unforgettable.



OH, MY LIZARD! Where do I begin!? I will forever and always recommend Nate from DNA! Like 100,000,000/ out of 10. We had the epic wedding package, and it was an EPIC WEDDING!

Nate from DNA was an absolute dream of a DJ to work with. From our initial consultation call, he was very caring, professional, and accommodating. You can tell he is very passionate about what he does. I have been following him on Instagram for a while, and after our call, I immediately knew I wanted to book him.
He is highly responsive and patient and will craft the PERFECT playlist and flow of events for your special day. He kept EVERYONE on the dance floor until every end. He truly made our night unforgettable, and I cannot emphasize how polite, friendly, and accommodating he was. He made us feel SO comfortable and confident that we were going to have the best night of our life.

- Keisha Casiano

I can’t begin to describe what an incredible DJ Nate is! He’s stands out from all of the DJ’s that we contacted.


You can tell he is passionate and dedicated to making your event the best it can be. He is great at communicating, has organized apps and forms to help you plan, and is such a great listener.


He knew we had a diverse wedding and it was important to keep everyone engaged and having fun. We got so many compliments that night from our friends and family. He helped make sure our ceremony and reception run so smoothly with the music! Can't recommend Nate enough!

- Sharon Chen

Nate, thank you for everything you did on our wedding day. We knew you would be great, but you and your team exceeded our expectations!


You made sure we were taken care of since you arrived, and filled in when needed without us having to even ask!


Many vendors don't perform as they promote, but your team did amazing on our wedding night!! You were professional, helpful, and kind! We are beyond grateful for you! I would recommend you to anyone!!

- Cindy Toledo



This is the foundation of my whole process to ensure the full success of our communication and vibe together. Me along with my full-time staff we will help with coordination, planning, and correspondence by continually communicating through email, text and calls. I make myself available for logistic questions and input to ensure the success of the entertainment. The timely and efficient coordination is at the center of my process.


From the start of our communication, I’m using my resources and skill set to source the best options for entertainment. That means hours of music research and preparation directly sourced for your wedding. This also includes venue research, demographic and cultural research, staff and creative team availability.


We will build the soundtrack for your day as creative collaborators. This to me is my favorite and most valuable part.  With over 12 years of creative music knowledge I will zone in on exactly the vibe and feel that will be curated to you and your guest. We will hop on zoom and/or phone calls and discuss music. As you add music to the exclusive app you have access to, I will continually give input and suggestions to you to truly build a creative experience. 


Even though you’re officially hiring me from the start time to end time of your wedding; I go much further than that to ensure your wedding is success. This includes in the days leading up to and day of service. You have me for the day. This includes set up, transitioning seamlessly from each part of the wedding day. I conduct day before final checks, gear checks, sound checks, special effects checks, location walkthroughs and so much more.


High Energy DJ 

(up to 8 hours)

Creative playlist and set building curated specifically for you.

Complete access to exclusive music curation app. 

2 creative music curation meetings

Wedding Planning Walkthrough 


Hi-Fi Speaker system 

Aesthetic Video DJ Booth

Full Range of DJ gear to match the guest list sound requirements. 

Wireless Microphones and Speakers as needed.

Creative lighting curated for dance floor and reception needs. 


I'm going to joyfully curate and facilitate all music for the day. This includes ceremony sound, cocktail music and reception performance. 




$499 (Up to 16)

Blank walls are boring. Add some dazzle to your event with uplighting  Details are everything and lighting can really set the mood.  If you want a party, we’ll give you a party. Our uplighting is completely wireless for placement anywhere.

Dancing on Clouds


The perfect way to create an epic moment during your first dance or any other special dance at your event or celebration. It's all about impact and this is one way to personalize your moment.

Cold Sparklers


Light up for your first dance with these indoor sparklers. 


all inclusive

I've curated the a unique experience and vibe that speaks to your vision and style that creates a timeless soundtrack to your wedding day. 


Over a decade of professional experience using my creativity and extensive music knowledge will create an experience worthy of being part of your wedding day.


Nate will bring his creative mind and skill to Dj and Mc the whole night. Alongside his team he will bring the everyone on the dance floor and keep them there. 


Sound. Lighting. Special effects. These aren’t things for you to worry about. We handle all the creation, production and logistics for our part

Custom Monogram  


Your Name in Light! If there’s one touch that wows people, it’s monogram projection. Wedding guests are always taken aback when they walk into a room with the bride and grooms name or initials shining in light. 

Co2 Cannon


Bring the impact of a Las Vegas night club into your celebration with our  co2 cannon. Seriously, how cool would it be to ignite your celebration with this experience? CO2 cannons rock.

If you have any specific questions about the packages we can schedule a time to chat about your wedding just click the link here.


If  you are excited and ready to move forward you can request a contract by emailing me back.


Complete the $900 curation fee.


Let's celebrate!


Let's Party!

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